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JKL Grooming Charts & Posters

"I use these charts on a daily basis, they are great!"

Deborah, 'Once Upon a Pup', New York

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"I received charts with my course and I find them so helpful as a new groomer. They are excellent as a backup when you need that little bit of extra confidence"

Susan, 'All Paws & Claws', Ontario

a m
Affenpinscher Grooming Maltese Grooming
Full Coat
Afghan Hound Grooming Maltese Grooming
Airedale Terrier Grooming Maltese Grooming
Teddy Bear
Maltipoo Grooming
Akita Grooming Mixed Breed Grooming
Mixed Breed Grooming
Disco Trim
Mixed Breed Grooming
Full Teddy Bear
Alaskan Malamute Grooming Mixed Breed Grooming
Short Teddy
American Cocker Spaniel Grooming
Full Coat
American Cocker Spaniel Grooming
Short Pet Trim
Newfoundland Grooming
American Eskimo Grooming Norfolk Terrier Grooming
American Water Spaniel Grooming Norwegian Elkhound Grooming
Australian Cattle Dog Grooming Norwich Terrier Grooming
Australian Shepherd Grooming Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Grooming
Australian Terrier Grooming o
b Old English Sheepdog Grooming
Full Coat
  Old English Sheepdog Grooming
Cruiser Clip
Bearded Collie Grooming Old English Sheepdog Grooming
Giant Teddy
Bedlington Terrier Grooming Otterhound Grooming
Belgian Malinois Grooming p
Belgian Sheepdog Grooming Papillon Grooming
Belgian Tervuren Grooming Parson Russell Terrier Grooming
Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Pekingese - Full Coat Grooming
Bichon Frise Grooming Pekingese - Lion Trim Grooming
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Grooming
Pomapoo Grooming
Black Russian Terrier Grooming Pomeranian Grooming
Full Coat
Pomeranian Grooming
Fox Trim
Pomeranian Grooming
Lion Trim
Border Collie Grooming Poodle Grooming
Dutch, Kennel/Lamb, Pajama, Palm Beach, Pet Puppy, Royal Dutch, Town & Country, Utility, Sailor
Border Terrier Grooming Portuguese Water Dog Grooming
Retriever Trim
Bouvier Grooming Portuguese Water Dog Grooming
Lion Trim
Briard Grooming s
Brittany Spaniel Grooming Saint Bernard Grooming
Brussels Griffon Grooming Saluki Grooming
c Samoyed Grooming
Cairn Terrier Grooming Schipperke Grooming
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Grooming Schnauzer (Giant) Grooming
Cesky Terrier Grooming Schnauzer (Miniature) Grooming
Chinese Crested - Hairless Grooming Schnauzer (Standard) Grooming
Chinese Crested - Powderpuff Grooming Schnoodle Grooming
Pet Trim
Chow Chow Grooming Scottish Terrier Grooming
Clumber Spaniel Grooming Scottish Deerhound Grooming
Cockapoo Grooming
Collie Grooming Sealyham Terrier Grooming
Corgi - Pembroke Welsh Grooming Sheltie Grooming
Corgi - Cardigan Welsh Grooming Shiba Inu Grooming
Coton de Tulear Grooming Shih Tzu Grooming
Full Coat
d Shih Tzu Grooming
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Grooming Shih Tzu Grooming
Teddy Bear
e Siberian Husky Grooming
English Cocker Spaniel Grooming Silky Terrier Grooming
English Setter Grooming Skye Terrier Grooming
English Springer Spaniel Grooming Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Grooming
English Toy Spaniel Grooming Sussex Spaniel Grooming
f t
Field Spaniel Grooming Teripoo Grooming
Tibetan Mastiff Grooming
Finnish Spitz Grooming Tibetan Spaniel Grooming
Flat Coated Retriever Grooming Tibetan Terrier Grooming
g w
German Shepherd Dog Grooming Welsh Springer Spaniel Grooming
Glen of Imaal Terrier Grooming Welsh Terrier Grooming
Golden Retriever Grooming West Highland Terrier Grooming
Gordon Setter Grooming Wire Fox Terrier Grooming
Great Pyrenees Grooming Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Grooming
h y
Havanese Grooming Yorkie Grooming
Full Coat
i Yorkie Grooming
Irish Setter Grooming Yorkie Grooming
Schnauzer Trim
Irish Terrier Grooming  
Irish Water Spaniel Grooming
Irish Wolfhound Grooming
Japanese Chin / Spaniel Grooming
Keeshond Grooming
Kerry Blue Terrier Grooming
Kuvasz Grooming
Labradoodle Euro Style Grooming
Labradoodle Grooming
Lakeland Terrier Grooming
Lhasa Apso Grooming
Full Coat
Lhasa Apso Grooming
Lhasa Apso Grooming
Teddy Bear
Lowchen Grooming

"The pictures are bright and clear, the information is simple to understand."

Tina, England

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