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accredited online dog grooming courses

JKL Professional Credentials

JKL is Certified and
Internationally Accredited

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accredited online dog grooming courses

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Be an Informed Consumer
Your Career is Important to us, too!

The following information is offered to help you make the right groomer training decision for your individual needs and circumstances.  

"Your training choice today can determine
your career success tomorrow"



JKL'S comprehensive pet grooming course sets the standard and is designed to meet the needs of the career seeker who wishes to earn certification. Our credentials are as follows:

  • IEAA (International Education Accreditation Authority) Internationally Accredited Training Courses and Facility

  • HRSDC (Human Resources Development Canada) Certified Educational Institution

  • EI (Employment Insurance) Skills Development Career Training Provider

  • CASS (Canadian Agriculture Skills Service) Registered Learning Activity Provider

  • PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutes Agency of BC) Exempt Status


JKL Training Academy has an impeccable track record:

34 Years as a Successful
Career Training Institute

That's a long time by anyone's standards! (We must have been doing something very right all these years.) The fact that we continue to be a strong, viable career training institute should speak volumes to you when making your career training selection.


$50,000 - $150,000 a year!

That's the average gross income reported by over 60% of the grooming business owners surveyed in the newest available survey.

In such a rapidly growing industry, you're definitely on the right career track!

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jkl grooming course testimonials"I was skeptical about taking a distance learning course in the beginning.  But then I decided to take the JKL grooming course in addition to working for a professional groomer prior to and during that time, and found that distance learning was right on point.  It was the best way to go about my particular course of action. 

In short, I would HIGHLY recommend JKL Grooming to anyone interested in a self-paced, but highly credible, learning experience."


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Do You Want a
Trade Diploma or a Certificate of Achievement?

jklgrooming dog grooming certificate

jklgrooming dog grooming diploma

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A trade diploma is an official document which confirms a student's successful completion of a groomer training program.  It may only be issued by a groomer training institute, and has no national boundary limitations.

A certificate of achievement or completion is not an official document unless issued by a groomer training institute.  Here at JKL, we offer BOTH:

Diploma and Certificate Groomer Training Programs

providing the highest quality professional training at affordable prices

full payment option payplan options


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accredited dog grooming courses, certified online dog grooming school
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