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Is a JKL diploma or certificate a recognized qualification? ***

Yes, our dog grooming courses are internationally accredited by the International Education Accreditation Authority (IEAA)

JKL's International Accreditation

International Accreditation

Those who obtain professional training with an accredited and certified training institution such as JKL indicate to their peers and to their clientele a strong professional dedication.

After successful completion of our course you will become a JKL certified professional groomer, and may use the letters JKL-DPG or JKL-CPG after your name.

After graduation a certification logo can be provided for use on your promotional materials and at your website.

Should I choose a diploma or certificate program? ***

JKL Certified Groomer 22

If you are entering the trade for the first time, choose our diploma course. If you are currently working in the trade for a minimum of one year, and are seeking certification, choose our certificate course.

How long will it take me to complete a JKL program? ***

Our diploma course has a six month maximum completion time, with an additional six months granted, at no extra cost, for those who need the extra time to complete their practicum.

Our certificate course, which is 'academic only', has a three month maximum completion time.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, international and offshore applicants may enroll in our courses in their online formats. A working knowledge of basic English and writing skills is prerequisite. International orders may be made via PayPal or credit card.

Who will correct me if I make a mistake while practicing?

Although mistakes can and do happen from time to time, (even to the seasoned professional), careful study and thorough comprehension of the program materials, will help ensure mistakes are, at worst, minimal and at best, nil. Student support is available toll free, online and via email. As well, our JKL member network, which includes veteran JKL graduates, is a great resource for our 'groomers in training'.

Are tools and equipment included in the program costs?

No. Because we try to keep tuition costs for all our groomer training programs as low as possible, and because not all students require tools and equipment at the very same stage of their program of studies, we include no tools or equipment. 

A link to a wholesale tools kit supplier is provided for those who wish to purchase their tools all at one time. We also provide a detailed name brand professional tools and equipment list and a wholesale suppliers list to help our students make the very best tool and equipment choices relevant to their individual needs.

What about grooming videos or DVDs?

Videos or DVDs are a great way to visually reinforce the learning process, although not necessarily the most convenient or optimum learning tool as 'stand alone' trainers. It can be awkward to practice what you're learning while actually viewing them, (start-stop-start-stop), so multiple viewings before beginning practice are usually necessary to retain all the visual and verbal instructions.

However, videos or DVDs used to accompany a solid groomer training course with plenty of still diagrams, illustrations and photographs can be an asset to the learning process.

Grooming videos or DVDs are an option with our diploma course, and are available for purchase at any time to all JKL Members.

What about exams?

At the end of each lesson, online testing must be successfully completed for both the Diploma and Certificate courses.

The diploma course also requires that a comprehensive online memory exam be successfully completed. There is a one time testing fee of $35 (included in the course costs) which covers all testing as well as first time examination for diploma students. If, on the first try, a student does not achieve a passing grade on lesson testing, one re-test is allowed at no further charge.

Any subsequent re-testing is charged at $35 per re-test. Should a student not achieve a passing grade on final examination, a re-exam fee of $35 will apply.

How can I compare costs and course features? ***

JKL Dog Grooming Course Features

What about refunds and guarantees?

Most retail products come with all sorts of money back guarantees, usually based on the purchaser meeting certain criteria or time limitations, and always subject to change at the whim of the retailer. 

Our refund policy, is probably the best you'll find anywhere in the world. It offers student refunds both before and during your training, not a year or more after purchase or employment! 

View the JKL Refund Policy in its entirety.

How much does it cost?

Depending on options selected, our Diploma course cost range is between $894 - $2164.

Depending on options selected, our Certificate course cost is $524 - $559.

(both courses are subject to applicable taxes in Canada)

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