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Internationally Accredited
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Perhaps the best evidence that any online education program is worth our time and money comes from the school's accreditation. The accreditation process ensures the school has been reviewed in terms of its academics, recruiting, admissions, faculty, and more. It signals to us that the institution will provide quality education and continuously work to improve its overall effectiveness and student outcomes.

JKL Dog Grooming School is internationally accredited in dog grooming courses, and surpasses all accreditation requirements.

CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, reminds us that accreditation also serves other purposes beyond assuring academic quality to students and the public. JKL Certified Groomer 11

  • Accreditation is required for students to gain access to federal funds for grants and loans in the U.S.
  • Accreditation makes credit transfer among colleges and universities easier.
  • Employers look for accreditation status when evaluating credentials of job applicants and offering financial support to employees

When you see that an institution is accredited by a recognized authority, you can be sure of its integrity and commitment to students.

JKL Dog Groomer Training Academy, and the dog grooming courses we offer, are internationally accredited by the The International Education Accreditation Authority (IEAA).

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