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Our Diploma Dog Grooming Course is a six month, internationally accredited IEAA academic course with a compulsory examination and extensive practicum component.

This is the optimum choice for first time dog grooming career seekers wishing to enter the industry. It includes all three major levels of dog grooming, (groomer assistant, professional groomer, and finishing stylist), all wrapped up into one intensive course!

Filled with grooming information only available at JKL, our diploma dog grooming course continues to set the standard as the most complete and comprehensive home study program on the market today!

If you are serious about your professional dog grooming career, you deserve the very best!

Our Diploma Course is
the Highest JKL Qualification

Your studies can begin just as soon as registration is complete, generally the same day. You'll be able to access your course online at any time of the day or night, from home or work, on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

It also offers the opportunity download to your desktop for offline studies and to print out all course materials throughout course duration -- great for creating your own hard copy of the course manual.  

Dog Grooming Diploma Course

  • JKL Groomer Training Manual Online
    (Over a 1000  pages of grooming instruction including many color diagrams, illustrations and photographs! PLUS complete business start up information, salon designs and floor plans) View Dog Grooming Diploma Course Outline
  • fully customizable promotional & business templates - given an overall "EXCELLENT" rating by JKL Members!
  • 1 Drop Coat Trim CD online
  • 1 Mixed Breed Trim CD online
  • JKL Course Videos Online What's new at JKL Grooming?
    - the how to's that will visually guide you throughout the
    duration of your studies
  • 20 Glance & Groom© breed trim charts online
  • 24/7 online test access, course access and tutor support for duration of studies
  • All Lifetime JKL Member Benefits

  • Deluxe Professional ToolkitWhat are new options at JKL?
    - a quality professionl grooming toolkit that can last you well into your dog grooming career.
  • Hard Copy of Course Manual
    a permanent hard copy for shipment to your home address.
Maximum Completion Time:
6 months plus an additional 6 months to complete all practicum requirements
Total Course Costs:  Regular $1500 / $1250) sign up bonus$300  OFF
$1200 CAD / $950 USD
Plus gst/hst in Canada only 


This course has an intensive academic AND practicum component and prepares each graduate to begin full or part time employment. Click Here to Enroll.

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