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JKL Student Benefits

The Best, Bar None!

Below is our ever expanding JKL Member benefits package. Available ONLY to JKL students and grads, our extensive benefits package is a leader in the industry!

You won't find another benefits package like this -- anywhere at any price -- and JKL includes it free to all active members, for a lifetime!

All JKL registrants enjoy a complete benefits package which includes all of the following:

JKL Member Benefits

Start Up Info:

  • shop set up
    • what you'll need right away and what can wait till you're earning income
    • establishing your client base
      • where to go
      • what to do
      • who to contact
    • tips for starting on a shoestring
    • grooming charts and diagrams
    • breed specific grooming instructions

Tool & Equipment info:

  • wholesale supplier referrals list
  • recommended brands list
  • clipper operation and maintenance
  • clipper blade chart
  • current equipment & product comparisons
  • what's hot & what's not in the industry

Marketing and Promotional Packages:

  • free business promotion at JKL website, Facebook and Twitter pages
  • free access to exclusive JKL business calculators
  • appointment cards
  • business cards
  • business plan template
  • business startup flyers
  • client referral incentives
  • CPR Poster
  • dental alert cards
  • groomer in training release
  • groomer/client contracts
  • grooming release forms
  • logo graphics
  • next appointment cards
  • pet report card
  • salon policy template
  • super star award
  • sympathy cards
  • tip jar labels
  • vet referral cards

Entry into Exclusive JKL Members Network:

  • complete lifetime support via electronic contact
  • private student/graduate forums
  • free customizable business templates
  • JKL bulletin boards 
  • e-Pals Club, make friends with other JKL students and grads in the industry


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