At JKL Grooming we believe that becoming certified shouldn't be complicated or unaffordable. That's why we offer you a thorough, IEAA Accredited Dog Grooming Diploma Course that is flexible, affordable and 100% online.

Our Diploma course gives you the choice to include an Online Tutored Hands-On component OR NOT, giving you study options that match your current grooming skill level and time schedule.

  • No Experience? No Problem!
  • Includes all dog grooming levels to finishing stylist
  • Internationally Accredited JKL Diploma Certification
  • Business Start-Up, client relations, pricing, profits
  • Free Marketing and Business Templates
  • Pet First Aid / CPR training
  • Cat Grooming Instruction
  • Lifetime Student Support

Dog Grooming Diploma

Our Highest Certification

IEAA Internationally Accredited

Practicum Diploma
(Online Hands-On)

Course Costs $2200.00
Full Payment Discount - $305.00
Total $1895.00

Academic Diploma
(Online No Hands-On)

Course Costs $1800.00
Full Payment Discount - $305.00
Total $1495.00

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*   Our JKL Diploma Groomer Interactive Training Course is 100% online so no academy attendance required.
*   It's well over 1000 online pages of grooming instruction including many color diagrams, illustrations, photographs and includes complete business start-up information, salon designs and floor plans.

Downloadable to your desktop, tablet or phone it offers two training options:
     - ACADEMIC - (NO Hands-On work required). It offers an academic designation at graduation.
            - or -
     - PRACTICUM - (Mandatory Hands-On work). It offers an academic plus practicum designation at graduation.
*   The hands-on portion of our Practicum option is self-completed in your own community with constructive online tutor feedback on all submitted photos or videos.
*   In all other respects, the course is identical.
*   The course also includes:

     -  Pet First Aid
     -  Extra instructional online video training
     -  JKL Certification upon graduating
     -  Fully customizable promotional business templates - given an overall "EXCELLENT' rating by JKL Members!
     -  Drop Coat Trim Infographic online
      -  Mixed Breed Trim Infographic online
     -  Online Video / Audio Training that will visually guide you throughout the duration of your studies
     -  20 Glance & Groom© breed trim charts online
     -  24/7 online test access, course access and tutor support
Our JKL Guarantee
*   All Lifetime Member Benefits
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     Practicum Requirements
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     Employee Training Options

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. Professional Tool Kits (quality professional grooming tool kits that can last you well into your dog grooming career)

. Hard Copy of Course Manual (a permanent hard copy for shipment to your home address in continental North America. Not available offshore)

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, our dog grooming courses are internationally accredited by the IEAA (International Education Accreditation Authority), and have been since 2008.

As well, JKL has been an
ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) certified training institution since 1984.

Those who obtain professional training with JKL, an accredited and certified training institution, indicate to their peers and to their clientele a strong professional dedication.

Our Academic Diploma course cost is $1800 (save $305 when you pay in full) = $1495 total tuition with discount
Our Practicum Diploma course cost is $2200 (save $305 when you pay in full) = $1895 total tuition with discount

Our Academic Groomer Tech course cost is $1100 (save $205 when you pay in full) = $895 total tuition with discount
Our Practicum Groomer Tech course cost is $1200 (save $205 when you pay in full) = $995 total tuition with discount

(courses are subject to applicable taxes in Canada)
Both course options are completed online.

Our Academic Courses are the complete JKL courses without a Practicum Designation. This means they do not require Hands-On Practicum work.

Our Practicum Courses are the complete JKL courses with a Practicum Designation. This  means they require Hands-On Practicum work.

The Hands-On portion is a Self-Completed section with Online support by picture/video feedback.
Yes, we offer several 'pay as you go' payment plans, allowing your budget to work with your studying goals.

You can get started with a $99 initial payment followed by regular no-interest monthly payment installments until fulfilled.

Access to each study module is provided after each monthly payment. At anytime you can make extra payments for quicker access to additional study modules.

View our payment plans
Yes, if you live in Canada, JKL will issue you a T2202 tax receipt for any course tuition paid during the year, so you'll be able to claim the Canada Training Credit and the Tuition Tax Receipt for up to one-half of eligible tuition fees.
Our diploma course has a 6 month completion time plus a bonus extra 9 months, for a total of 15 months for those who need the extra time to complete their study modules, testing and practicum work.

Our groomer technician course has a 4 month completion time, plus a bonus extra 4 months, for a total of 8 months.

Depending on the time you are able to spend on studies, courses can be completed prior to course completion date.

Should you require more time to complete your course of studies, course extensions may be purchased for $25 per each three month interval.
Yes, international and offshore applicants may enroll in our courses. A working knowledge of basic English and writing skills is a prerequisite. International orders may be made via PayPal or credit card.
Because we try to keep tuition costs for all our groomer training programs as low as possible, and because not all students require tools and equipment at the very same stage of their program of studies, we offer professional quality grooming tool kits as a course option for our students.

We have a Professional Groomer hand select the best professional tools that will last you a lifetime instead of a cheaper kit that may come included with a course. The price for each is:

Starter Kit: $599
Deluxe Kit: $999

To see which tools are included and selected for Click Here
Throughout the course of studies, we include excellent online course videos for all our diploma students. These grooming videos follow along with course study modules. They are very detailed, easy-to-follow, and filled with helpful professional grooming tips.
At the end of each study module, online testing must be successfully completed for all JKL courses. As well, a comprehensive online memory exam must be successfully completed prior to course completion.
Most retail products come with all sorts of money back guarantees, usually based on the purchaser meeting certain criteria or time limitations, and always subject to change at the whim of the retailer.  Our refund policy, is probably the best you'll find anywhere in the world. It offers student refunds both before and during your training, not a year or more after purchase or employment!  View the JKL Refund Policy in its entirety.
You'll need a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and internet access.
If you choose our practicum course option, you'll need a mobile phone with photos and video capability
You will be certified and receive your Diploma. All graduates also receive lifetime support and access to multiple kinds of helpful resources.

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