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Student and Grad Reviews

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More Reviews from our dog grooming students and grads:

  • "I loved the course, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t really enjoy school! The modules were easy to read, the course videos were very helpful, and most of all Joy was a pleasure to work with. She’s very prompt with answering questions which makes it easy to ask her questions! Thank you so much"
    Amber, Recent JKL Grad, British Columbia, CANADA
  • "The information was Great! Everything I've learned was SO Valuable for my Grooming Salon! Great People as well !A Definite if you want to Up your Game!"
    Sylvia Cirilo-Fletcher, Recent JKL Grad, NY, USA


Angela Stokes, NB, Canada, says:

"I am loving the course and excited to open my shop!"


Colorado Groomer Ashley, owner of Posh Petaholics says:

"JKL Dog & Cat Grooming certification was educational and practical. I highly recommend!"


New York Groomer Kaitlyn says:

"Wonderful program with thorough knowledge and training. Loved it!"


Alberta groomer Maeghan says:

"I loved the course! I'm very happy that there is an online course available now for people who have already been grooming for many years. This course makes it easy for those of us who are currently in the trade to receive our certificates, but is also very helpful for someone who is just starting off in the trade. It's a much better alternative than expensive grooming schools that really don't teach you anything until you're able to put it into practice. The certificate course really caters to people who are already working in the trade of Dog Grooming."
Maeghan, The Dog Shed Spa, Stony Plain, Alberta

California groomer Charlene says:

"This course is great, learning a ton of stuff, lots of marketing ideas, would not know where to start without this program."
Charlene, Weed, California

UK groomer Lee says:

"A truly brilliant and exceptional course!"
Lee, United Kingdom

UK groomer Katie says:

"I found the course material excellent and really enjoyed every chapter. I have been able to put some of the procedures into practice already."   
Katie, United Kingdom

Ontario groomer Kelly says:

"I was very impressed with all that I have learned from this course. Joy is an excellent instructor and always got back to me right away when I had any questions.
Kelly, Ontario

Alberta groomer Maylene says:

"I like the idea of being able to take the course at home because I didn't really want to go anywhere too far. The course had lots of information throughout and was very straight forward, which I loved"
Maylene, Blackfoot, Alberta

Alabama groomer Cindy says:

"JKL was the best thing I ever did. I am grooming now with confidence and good skills thanks to JKL"
Cindy, Auburn, Alabama

Alberta groomer Tammy says:

"I loved the idea that you could work at your own pace, and out of your own home. If I ever had any questions, they were usually answered that day, always within 24 hours. I would recommend this program for anyone wanting to learn, either for your own pet or for a career."
Tammy, Airdrie, Alberta

Ontario groomer Amelia says:

"Studying with JKL has been by far the best learning atmosphere I have ever experienced. The resources and course materials exceeded any expectation I had."
Amelia, Ottawa, Ontario

Ohio groomer Tammy says:

"Thanks to Joy and the JKL program I am pleased to say I have a very successful business out of my home. The income my business brings in has well exceeded any goal I had set in the beginning...It is a very rewarding career..."
Tammy, New Lexington, Ohio

Ontario groomer Kelly says:

"I was at a point in my life where I needed to expand into something more rewarding. Thank you Joy and JKL Academy for helping me achieve this goal! I am looking forward to starting my own grooming shop in the near future!"
Kelly, Ontario

UK groomer Karen says:

"A fantastic course, well presented with loads of support. I thoroughly enjoyed completing the course."
Karen, United Kingdom

Oregon groomers Chuck and Debbie say:

"We have learned so much more from this course than we expected.
We put the 'cart before the horse' and purchased a storefront business that came up while we were trying to decide which way to get our training. One phone call to JKL decided for us that this was the most comprehensive and fastest way to our goal.  
Needless to say, we were "under the gun" and very apprehensive, but Joy assured us all would be okay and she was right. We love our business and have now been operating for over 10 months. We've never had so much fun! We highly recommend this media for training."

Chuck & Debbie M, Oregon

Alberta groomer Jodie says:

"Being a stay at home mom and a lover of dogs, this has been the best thing for me. I enjoy working with the dogs knowing that when I am finished how good they must feel. I've also got my sister taking this course now, too.  I highly recommend it!!" 
Jodie, Alberta

Maine groomer Jacqui says:

"My search took me to the Career Center and then to Joy Waters who owns JKL Grooming in Canada. The great State of Maine would not pay for my education, but they did help me out with purchasing many of the tools that I needed. Joy has done the rest. Her course is complete and easy to understand, and best of all...I didn't have to leave my family or Maine Wolfdogs to attend!"
Jacqui, Maine

Virginia groomer Cindy says:

"I had been in the grooming industry for 8 years prior to starting your course. I knew a lot already (so I thought) and wanted to learn more. I started out as just a bather, but you know how that goes LOL. I am so happy and grateful to you for the things you taught me. I never learned the right way to groom before, (I learned shortcuts). I had to start all over again when I took your course. I now not only have learned, but also take great pride in the work I do that I have learned from you!
I now have a successful business in my own home, and have new clients calling on a weekly basis. Thank you, Joy!"

Ohio groomer Tamara says:

""This course is an open door to a new world of opportunities. My love for dogs has driven me in many directions, showing, breeding and now grooming, and it's so easy, I can still be at work, take care of my household duties, and work towards a career in dog grooming.  It's too convenient!"
Tamara, Ohio

New York groomer Sue-Ann says:

"I have just started my third chapter in the JKL grooming course. I love reading my book and find it very interesting.
I am starting this Saturday at a local groomer's salon training at $7/hour part-time, and I have only completed 2 chapters!
So, along with a strong love for animals, yes, you can learn how to groom through a book. It's really all up to you! Good Luck."

Sue-Ann, New York

Alberta groomer Dawne says:

"A great course for any one to take. I was trained in a salon 10 years ago by a wonderful lady and took this 3 years ago to get my certificate and was very impressed with what was taught."
Dawne, Dawne's Doggie Cuts, Carstairs, Alberta

 British Columbia Brenda says:

"I loved being able to study at any time of the day or week and at my own pace. The course was most informative and I practiced (in most cases) what I learned before I moved on to the next module. Fortunately I was able to volunteer at a groomer's so I had the tools and clients available! Now, as I graduate, I am opening my own home business! I have never had a job where I have looked forward to starting every day and am still smiling at the end. Now I do. Thanks JKL Grooming!"
Brenda, South Paw Dog Grooming, Merritt, British Columbia

 British Columbia Rachel says:

"Great course, easy to follow step by step lessons. Would recommend to anyone wanting to take a course in grooming at their own pace."
Rachel, Athena's Luxury Dog Care, Saanich, British Columbia

UK groomer Amanda says:

"It is a really enjoyable course, with excellent and graphic course materials, with outstanding support from Joy, and great potential from the student and graduate communication sites."
Amanda, United Kingdom

Ontario groomer Joy says:

"I was having a hard time finding a career that I could afford that worked with animals and people. I just happened to stumble upon JKL and I, my mom and my sister-in-law took the course. It has made a difference in our lives. We are just venturing out to start full time, and we are having a great time of it. And clients are understanding that we have just started out. (The money is pretty good too) Thanks JKL you have made it possible for us to do what we really wanted to do."
Joy, Joy's Grooming, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

UK groomer Lynn says:

"At first I was a little skeptical about distance learning, but Joy soon put my mind to rest and answered all of my many questions before embarking on the course.  
Within a very short time I had the confidence to start grooming cats and dogs and have already earned enough to pay for most of my equipment.
The course itself is so clear and concise, learning on a one to one basis, at your own rate beats any "class room" system I have encountered."
 Lynn, Furry Tails, United Kingdom

Newfoundland groomer Angie says:

"I am a JKL Graduate from 2005. I have done grooming since my course completion out of my house and have since moved and built and opened a brand new 2800 sq ft dog facility. I do grooming there fulltime. The knowledge that I gained from this course was great. I have taken many distance learning courses and this one is one I would recommend over and over."
Angie, Royal K9 Spa & Resort, Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Alberta groomer Chantal says:

"I am really confident with the training that I received at JKL. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the grooming field."
Chantal, Happy Tails Grooming, Crooked Creek, Alberta

Quebec groomer Debbie says:

"Wonderful course! Very informative. An easy to understand step by step layout. Highly recommended!
With an apprenticeship behind me, I found this course a great way to round out my new career choice. In retrospect, I could have done it all with JKL Grooming!"

Debbie, Bain Woof, Pincourt, Quebec

Alberta groomer Laura says:

"JKL put me on the road to having the best career possible for me. Thank you, Joy!"
Laura, Pampered Paws Pet Spa, Barrhead, Alberta

 British Columbia Laural says:

"After graduating with my certificate in grooming from JKL, I was able to open my own shop. Two years now and business is still building. My niece is now enrolled in the course and working with me."
Laural, Laural's Pet Grooming, Powell River, BC

Alberta groomer Jackie says:

"The JKL Grooming course is one of the best home based courses on the market today. Not only do you learn the art of grooming, but also the business side of it. The after course support you have is amazing. I had been grooming for about 8 years before I took the course and learned a lot about the mistakes I was taught by other groomers. Thinking I would just take the course, get my certification and carry on, I had no idea that taking the JKL Grooming Course would bring me into a family."
Jackie, The Garage Dog Grooming Shop, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Pennsylvania groomer Beth says:

"After graduating with my certificate in grooming from JKL, I was able to open my own shop. Two years now and business is still building. My niece is now enrolled in the course and working with me."
Beth, Dover, PA

 British Columbia says:

"I'm glad I found a right course for me and proud to be a JKL Member. Thanks Joy!!!."
Sinyi, Chemainus Doggieland, Chemainus, BC

Quebec groomer Allan says:

"Invaluable - got me off on the right foot."
Allan, Paws Cafe, Montreal, Quebec

Alabama groomer Brook says:

"I took the JKL Grooming course in 2004 and now have a thriving, fun grooming salon! I can't say enough about the courses and support you get as a student and groomer! Thanks, JKL!"
Brook, The Dog House, Oxford, Alabama

UK groomer Emma says:

"The course has been easy to follow and enjoyable to complete, so much easier to do at your own speed, than attending college again. Tutors are encouraging and always quick to respond. I'm so glad I chose to complete this one! Thanks."
Emma, Kilmington Pets and Grooming, United Kingdom

 British Columbia Sheila says:

"When I moved to the Cariboo I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and could work from home. JKL gave me both of these. Now I can spend my days with my pets as well as they can socialize with other dogs. When I started the course I had no idea you needed to know so much. It was very informative and interesting. Thank you Joy/JKL Grooming."
Sheila, Deka Dog Grooming, Deka Lake, BC

 British Columbia Lorna says:

"Because of the JKL online grooming course I was able to move from an unfulfilling job to a real career that I love. Because of this course I now have my own business and I work for myself, a dream come true for me."
Lorna, L.A. Doggy Shop, Williams Lake, BC

Indiana groomer Debbie says:

"I really loved the training, each new module was an adventure. The best part though is that after taking this course, I can actually groom, and do it well! I recommend this training to anyone who is serious about becoming a first class groomer!"
Debbie, Debbie's Pet Grooming, Elkhart, Indiana

Iowa groomer Kim says:

"I loved the training, I would definitely recommend it for anyone. Especially the extremely busy person, it fits into your life nicely."
Kim, The Critter Sitter, Newton, Iowa

Texa groomer Pam says:

"JKL grooming program exceeded my own expectations of what I thought I would learn. With the hands on grooming and JKL's program, you have a thorough education for a grooming career."
Pam, Just for Dogs Mobile Grooming, Victoria, Texas

UK Groomer Jean says:

"I graduated from this course in June 2009 and am now grooming from home with not enough hours in the day. I loved the course and found the support from Joy second to none. I only wish I had done this years ago."

Jean, A.J.'s Pet Grooming, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Manitoba groomer Jen says:

"I had so much fun with this course. It was always interesting. I learned a lot of new things. I'd recommend it to anyone. The best part was Joy was ALWAYS there to help no matter what. I couldn't have done it without her."
Jen's Dog Grooming, St. Malo, Manitoba

Alberta groomer Christa says:

JKL was the best decision I ever made! Thank you Joy for offering a wonderful top quality course that allows people like me to work with animals and enjoy every minute of it!"
Christa, The Pretty, Hanna, Alberta

British Columbia groomer Vivi says:

"Excellent and friendly, Joy is the best..."
Kim, The Critter Sitter, Newton, Iowa

Ontario groomer Sharmila says:

"I thought the training I received was great, Joy was very helpful in answering all of my questions promptly."
Sharmila, Just for Pawz Doggy Daycare, Boarding and Grooming, Scarborough, ON

UK groomer Christine says:

"Joy is always on hand to help with any problems. The course is well written and detailed."
Christine, Wolds Way Canine Ltd., Malton, North Yorkshire, UK

Alberta groomer Natasha says:

"I felt the training was easy to follow and course material was well laid out, overall a great online training program!"
Natasha, Grande Paws, Grande Cache, Alberta

Alberta groomer Tanya says:

"This has been a very gratifying course. Although here in Canada we do not need to be certified, JKL offers just that, and more. Joy's online support and course make it so much easier for all of us. With all the perks that being a member offers, this is just a fantastic package."
Tanya, Shaggy Tails Grooming, Stirling, Alberta

Ontario groomer Joanne says:

"The theory of grooming was taught so well through this course - I could not have asked for a more thorough education!"
Joanne, Doggie Styles Pet Grooming, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Nova Scotia groomer Jackie says:

"I loved this course! I loved the freedom to do the course at my speed, when it was convenient for me and I loved all that I learned. The course was informative and I really enjoyed the interactive members area. Thanks so much Joy!!"
Jackie, Mud Puddle Paws Dog Grooming Spa, Uniacke, Nova Scotia

Quebec groomer Sandra says:

"J'ai bien aimé ce cours. Je n'ai aucun regret car aujourd'hui je travail à mon compte à la maison. Je fais un travail que j'aime. Un gros merci à Joy."
Sandra, Toilettage MoZo, St-André-Avellin

British Columbia groomer Lorna says:

"The training I received from JKL enabled me to be employed for three years by the same shop that I now have owned since June 21st, 2010. My one year anniversary soon to come."
Lorna, The Little Dog Shop, Qualicum Beach, BC

Nova Scotia groomer Richie says:

"Awesome experience, JKL Training Academy is the best for a beginner to the field of dog grooming."
Richie, Doggie Do's Dog Grooming, North Sydney, Nova Scotia says:

Oregon groomer Debbie says:

"I learned a lot and really enjoyed the lessons and training. Joy's comments were very helpful to me."
Debbie, The Inn Dog House, Brookings, Oregon

Yukon groomer Clif says:

"My wife and I opened The Neighborhood Pup Dog Center in December, 2010. I am currently a student of JKL and my wife has a hair salon in our town."
Clif, The Neighborhood Pup Dog Center, Whitehorse, Yukon

British Columbia Caroline says:

"This course was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I finally found my niche in life. Have groomed my 7 dogs for years, but now I'm doing it right!...Love the flexibility of online training which I'm able to fit into my busy schedule."
Caroline, Goldcreek Heads n Tails dog Grooming, Cranbrook, BC

UK groomer Lynn says:

"The training I have received has been the best, and also the support, bit more to do yet but I will get there. Love this job so much. Thank you JKL."
Lynn, Hilton's Paws, Pontfract, West Yorkshire, UK

British Columbia groomer Jill says:

"Took the course in 1999. Best thing I could have done for myself. Opened my own shop and now I am going to start another salon in a different city in 2 months....Love it!"
Jill, Poodles Plus Professional Grooming, Port Alberni, BC

Ontario groomer Teena says:

"I graduated from JKL in 2009 and thought the course was wonderful. Everything was explained in detail and there was always someone there to help."
Teena, Perfect Pooch, Chalk River, ON

Ontario groomer Luanne says:

"Knowing I wanted to be a pet groomer, I did not have the luxury of quitting my current job to go to grooming school. Then I found JKL and was able to do my course online. What an excellent program, and Joy was extremely helpful. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals. I now work full time with my own salon in Muskoka (Ontario)"
Luanne, Splish Splash Dog Bath and Grooming Salon, Bracebridge, ON

Ontario groomer Kathy says:

Thank you to JKL for getting my new career launched."
Kathy, Pet Penache, London, ON

Alberta groomer Lauray says:

"Great course! Should be mandatory to take if you are in the grooming business!"
Lauray, Paw Spa, Elk Point, AB

Minnesota groomer Amy says:

"I am very impressed with how comprehensive the coursework is for the diploma program. Also, Joy truly is always an e-mail, or even a phone call away! Thank you for preparing me for my pet grooming career!."
Amy, Bark of All Trades, Lakefield, Minnesota

Indiana groomer Toni says:

"Great course for certification! Great communication and full of information."
Toni, Hippie Hounds, Indianapolis, Indiana

Ontario groomer Joy says:

"I am still going strong after several years of grooming. Thank you JKL for giving me the knowledge to pursue a rewarding career doing something I love."
Joy, Paw 'N Pet Food, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Saskatchewan groomer Christine says:

"The training I received through JKL really helped me. It is well rounded and thorough. I had apprenticed with a former groomer prior to taking the training with JKL and JKL taught me so much more! So worth it"
Christine, Groomingdale's at Pet Valu Yorkton, SK