Dog Grooming Charts, Step-by-Step Dog Grooming Instruction

Dog Grooming Charts



Laminated, double sided 8 1/2 x 11 breed specific grooming charts with FULL color breed and grooming detail photos
Dog Grooming Chart Side OneSide One Offers:

  • Detailed step by step techniques to confidently take you through the entire grooming pattern from start to finish
  • A full colour view of the finished groom
  • Diagrams on areas of special concern
  • Tips on the particular breed and pattern

Grooming Chart Side TwoSide Two Offers:

  • Larger view of the finished pattern with easy to follow color coding and simple, easy to read instructions at a glance!
  • Head and body shortcuts
  • Tips on finished appearance

View Photos of each breed:

Dog Grooming Charts - Breeds & Styles Featured

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Dog Grooming Charts - Download

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Dog Grooming Charts - Printout

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Dog Grooming Charts - Hard Copy

Select Laminated Individual Charts for shipment
(available in Canada and continental US only)

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$5.99 each - US $$

please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery


Dog Breed Flashcards - Printout

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