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Employee Dog Groomer Training Program

Up To 25% OFF

As an international industry leader in distance groomer training, JKL's working relationship with salon and corporate employers has long been a successful partnership. Partnering with our IEAA internationally accredited pet grooming school, can provide you with that professional 'edge', successful businesses strive for.

How does our training program work?

Our professional dog grooming courses train to professional grooming standards for all your employees, as well as certify them through an internationally accredited program of studies.

We understand the continuing needs of the employer for expedient and cost effective employee training.

Who does our training program benefit?

. Employers who may need training for themselves and/or one or more of their employees or job applicants

. Employers who may be enjoying a rapidly growing business where employees are often trained on the job

. Employers who are experiencing the inevitable staff turnovers
. Employees who strive to be a valued member of a skilled, professional team

JKL's Employee Groomer Training Program works hand in hand with you in training your employees to become solid assets to your business ...and... within a reasonable time frame. Because your employees will be learning terminology, techniques, styles, tools and much, much more on their own time, they will be able to practice quickly and efficiently on the job.

How does this help you, the employer?

. frees up time you would normally spend training your employees
. allows you to fast track your employees to a certified professional level
. makes it financially possible for you to ensure that all your staff are fully trained
. provides a viable, 100 per cent business deductible employee training expense

The Details?

First Employee:
(must be the employer or employee taking the most expensive course)
. Enroll yourself or your first employee in our course for an initial 10% tuition discount (available with full tuition plan)

Additional Employees:
Enroll additional employees at anytime for a whopping 25% tuition discount (available with full tuition plan)


And best of all, full and ongoing JKL Member Support and Benefits are always included.

Begin your groomer training partnership with JKL today!

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