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 (12 week, 150 academic hours)
IEAA Internationally Accredited



Sub Module A - Coat Types
  • Smooth coats
  • Short coats 
  • Double coats
  • Silky coats
  • Harsh coats
  • Curly coats
  • Corded coats

  • Sub Module B - Parts of a Dog, Physiology
  • Fibula, tibia, scapula - converting terminology
    to groomer jargon

    Sub Module C - Parasites, Zoonoses
  • fleas, ticks, worms
  • rabies, ringworm, heartworms, sporotichosis

  • Sub Module D - Getting Started
  • Tools, Equipment, Supplies
  • First Groom - Step-by-Step
  • Smooth Coats
  • Short Coats
  • Double Coats


    Sub Module A - Grooming Tools

  • Description, Usage, Maintenance
  • Professional Equipment and Suppliers Lists

    Sub Module B - Supplies, Edquipment and Product Comparisons

  • dryers
  • tables and loops
  • fixed restraints
  • pet support and positioning systems
  • clipper vacuum systems
  • shop set up

    Sub Module C - Professional Clippers and Blades

  • dryers
  • tables and loops
  • fixed restraints
  • pet support an and positioning systems
  • clipper vacuum systems
  • shop set up

    Sub Module D - Grooming Products
  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • colognes
  • ear powders and cleansers
  • styptic powders and gels
  • clipper oils and coolants

     Sub Module E - What is a Matt?
    dematting, detangling
  • clipping down
  • speed and matt combing

    Sub Module F - Brushing, Combing, Nail Trimming Techniques
  • wire slicker and pin brush
  • combing
  • nail clipping

    Sub Module G - New Grooming Products
  • tables - hydraulic, electric
  • dryers - high velocity, stand up, cage, compartment
  • bath aids - steps, ramps, lifts
  • bathtub units
  • groomer apparel

    Sub Module H - Clipper Maintenance Detail
  • illustrated step-by-step procedures

    Sub Module I - All About Shears
  • sizes, shapes, function
  • scissor pliers
  • scissoring methods and holding techniques
  • practice and strengthening exercises
  • convex or bevel edge
  • shear ergonomics


    Sub Module A - Before the Bath

  • lifting and control techniques, small and larger dogs
  • patterns and styles
  • toenails, clipping, grinding, nail caps
  • ears, plucking and cleansing
  • excess coat removal
  • dematting, brushing, combing
  • clipper burn
  • areas of special concern: eyes, teeth, wrinkles, elbows, hocks, pasterns, anal sacs

    Sub Module B - Procedural Steps to Bathing
  • wetting, lathering, scrubbing
  • rinsing, conditioning, towel drying
  • bathing equipment

    Sub Module C - Procedural Steps to Finishing
  • bathing equipment
  • drying - high velocity, fluff, cage
  • clipping, brushing, combing
  • finishing touches
  • coat oils and colognes

    Sub Module D - Grooming the Double Coats
  • shorter double coats, longer double coats
  • undercoat removal - the brush out
  • hair removal, pads, toes, feet, hocks
  • tidying feathers, undercarriage, tail

    Sub Module E - Grooming the Double Coats
  • causes, prevention, treatment

    Sub Module F - Controlling Problem Dogs
  • identifying difficult dogs
  • handling methods
  • the importance of table size
  • passive or submissive posture
  • control and restraint

    Sub Module G - Grooming Shortcuts
  • control and restraint
  • hair removal
  • wet HVing
  • wet clipping
  • electrical safety precautions

    Sub Module H - Best Management Practices
  • how clean is clean?
  • disinfecting
  • sterilizing
  • read the label
  • antibacterial soaps
  • procedures
  • selecting the ideal disinfectants

    Sub Module I - Personal Safety Equipment 
  • ear protection
  • eye protection
  • lung protection
  • skin protection

  • LESSON 4

    Poodles: Toy, Miniature and Standard

  • clipper patterns and blade instruction
  • clipping feet, face, tail and undercarriage
  • eight common professional patterns
  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail
  • scissor finishing techniques

    Mixed Breed Patterns, the lovable mutt cuts
  • clipper patterns and blades used
  • common professional patterns (daisy, teddy bear, cruiser, lion)
  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail
  • scissor finishing techniques

    Procedural steps to finishing
  • fluff drying, cage drying, high velocity drying
  • brushing, combing, scissoring, thinning, re-clipping, coat oils, colognes
  • professional methods of holding, control and restraint
  •  control and restraint of the problem pet
  • hematoma, prevention and care

    Shop Set Up
  • shop function and efficiency (shop layout photos)
  • tub size, height and tub tools
  • the importance of table size
  • dematting with the HV, wet clipping

    LESSON 5


  • fifteen common professional terrier patterns
  • short legged terriers, long legged terriers
  • specific breeds that are clipped, never stripped
  • correct head and tail detail

    Hand stripping Terriers 
  • how it is done and what tools to use
  • what purpose it serves
  • pros and cons

    Detail Counts
  • a photo comparison of terrier breed similarities and differences
  • distinctive trim detail

  • LESSON 6

    Spaniels & Setters

  • six common professional spaniel patterns
  • four common professional setter patterns
  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail
    First aid, professional hints, tips and valuable information
  • Lime Disease, Rabies, West Nile, Lice, Hot Spots, Mange, Scabies, Ringworm
  • Animal CPR
  • epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions, artificial respiration
  • carding tools and methods
  • puppy's first groom
  • seniors and their special care

    LESSON 7 - Cats

  • purebreds, domestic long and shorthairs
  • coat type and textures
  • longhaired and shorthaired breeds
  • Parts of a cat and some pertinent physiology
  • Parasite recognition - internal, external


    LESSON 8

  • Parasite recognition - internal, external
  • Miscellaneous grooming tools for cats, their use and proper care
  • Grooming products
  • To set up shop

    LESSON 9

    Procedural steps prior to bathing

  • Control and restraint of the cat
  • Zoonoses 
  • Lion Clip
  • Procedural steps prior to bathing, to bathing and to finishing
  • First aid for cats, professional hints, tips and valuable information