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 (12 week, 150 academic hours)
IEAA Internationally Accredited


Breed recognition

  • coat types and textures for smooth coats, short coats, double coats, long, silky coats, harsh, wiry coats, curly woolly coats, corded coats

Parts of dog and some pertinent physiology

Parasite recognition - internal, external

  • identification and control of common parasitesidentification and control of common parasitesidentification and control of common parasites

Getting Started

  • beginning basic practice

  • start up tools

  • brushing and combing techniques


Grooming Tools, their use and care

  • brushes, combs, dog rakes, dematters, hemostats, shears, nail trimmers, stripping
    knives, clipper vacs, coat kings, furminator, hv dryers, muckraker, product and
    equipment comparisons

Clipper, Blade, Tool Care and Handling

  • complete care and clipping instructions, blade charts

  • clipping with different blades, attachments, snap on combs

  • scissor care and scissoring techniques

  • clipper burn, brush burn and skin types

Products, Equipment, Apparel

  • shampoos, conditioners, ear powders, cleansers, colognes

  • tables, restraints, dryers, bathing and vacuum systems, cages, crates

  • groomer smocks, aprons, jackets, pants

Matts and Tangles

  • what they look like, how they happen, preventions

  • detailed instruction on speed combing and matt removal

  • brushing, combing and nail trimming procedures

Shop Set Up

Procedural steps prior to bathing 

  • patterns, nails, ears, coat removal, de-matting, brushing, combing
  • ear and eye care, nail trimming, infections, skin care

  • areas of special concern: teeth, wrinkles, elbows, hock joints, anal glands, pasterns, warts, moles, hips, knees, feet

  • control and restraint methods for the small pet

  • control and restraint methods for the larger pet

Procedural step to bathing 

  • control and restrain methods for the larger pet
  • wetting, lathering, scrubbing, rinsing, conditioning, tub drying

  • flea bath, medicated bath, coat conditioning

Procedural steps to finishing 

  • flea bath, medicated bath, coat conditioning

  • fluff drying, cage drying, high velocity drying

  • brushing, combing, scissoring, thinning, re-clipping, coat oils, colognes

  • professional methods of holding, control and restraint

  • control and restraint of the problem pet

  • hematoma, prevention and care

Shop Set Up

  • shop function and efficiency (shop layout photos)

  • tub size, height and tub tools

  • the importance of table size

  • dematting with the HV, wet clipping


Poodles: Toy, Miniature and Standard

  • clipper patterns and blade instruction

  • clipping feet, face, tail and undercarriage

  • eight common professional patterns

  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail

  • scissor finishing techniques

Mixed Breed Patterns, the lovable mutt cuts

  • clipper patterns and blades used

  • common professional patterns (daisy, teddy bear, cruiser, lion)

  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail

  • scissor finishing techniques



  • fifteen common professional terrier patterns

  • short legged terriers, long legged terriers

  • specific breeds that are clipped, never stripped

  • scissor finishing techniques

  • correct head and tail detail

Hand stripping Terriers

  • how it is done and what tools to use

  • what purpose it serves

  • pros and cons

Detail Counts

  • a photo comparison of terrier breed similarities and differences

  • distinctive trim detail


Spaniels & Setters

  • six common professional spaniel patterns

  • three common professional setter patterns

  • pattern variations for body, head, ears and tail

First aid, professional hints, tips and valuable information

  • Lime Disease, Rabies, West Nile, Lice, Hot Spots, Mange, Scabies, Ringworm

  • Animal CPR

  • epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions, artificial respiration

  • carding tools and methods

  • puppy's first groom

  • seniors and their special care

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