Practicum Hands-On Requirements Print Out

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Practicum Requirements - Groomer Technician Course

Below are the hands-on requirements for the JKL Groomer Technician Course. There are no specific 'required hours' for the practicum as students generally progress at their own, individual rate. Some are able to complete portions of the practicum on their first try, while others might feel more comfortable submitting work from a subsequent try.

Contact your local animal shelter or rescue group for possible practice pets. Many unwanted or uncared for animals are in great need of grooming, and it has been my experience that the majority of shelter operators are happy to oblige in such a mutually beneficial situation. Since our focus is on coat type, no purebred dogs are required, mixed breeds can be used for all practice grooms.

If your community does not have an animal shelter, often a notice on the public bulletin boards in your community will bring you all the practice pets you will require to become proficient.

lf you plan on seeking salon employment, large corporate salons often hire JKL groomers in training, so you can actually train while on the job. Some smaller salons will do the same, depending on their current needs.

The practicum subjects required for grading are as follows:

  1. Smooth Coat
  2. Short Coat
  3. Double Coat
  4. Dropcoat
  5. You and Your Groom

Spot Grooming Photo Before & After requirements:

  • a trimmed hock and a catlike foot
  • a scissor rounded foot
  • trimmed or clipped footpads
  • a trimmed tail showing efforts with thinners or shears
  • a clipped undercarriage
  • a plucked and cleansed ear
  • double coat removal utilizing a dog rake
  • dematting showing correct use of a dematting tool
  • a photo of you and any finished subject
  • photos or videos of you actually performing a start to finish groom. (this will require an assistant to take the photos or videos in sequence)
  • pre bath procedures: dematting, brushing, combing, coat removal
  • bath procedures: wetting, lathering, rinsing, towel drying
  • finish procedures: blow drying, finishing brushing or combing with pin brush, wire slicker, combo comb.