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23, yes 23 Important Questions to Ask

Any Potential Dog Grooming School

Absolutely Essential Questions to ask Prospective Dog Grooming Course Providers

Not all dog grooming courses are created equal, so be sure to ask all the right questions and verify all credentials BEFORE you enroll!

Questions to ask Prospective Dog Grooming Course Providers

Dog Grooming School Credentials are Important
  1. Are you a registered dog grooming school or a dog grooming course provider only?
  2. Who do I contact, and where can I view your proof of school credentials?
  3. By what authority will my course completion certification be recognized?
  4. What percentage of students complete your course?
  5. How does yours compare to others?
  6. What are the course instructor credentials and teaching experience?
  7. How often will I receive instructor feedback, and may I contact my instructor anytime?


Course Info

  1. In what format is the course provided: if online, is it via video, pdf, or other format type, and what, if any, computer tools or skills will I need to obtain?
  2. Are all course materials printable for ongoing reference, and are any additional materials provided via mail?
  3. Where can I view a sample of your course and testing materials?
  4. Is First Aid training included with the course?
  5. Is Business Start-Up and Salon Design info included with the course?
  6. Do you offer ongoing student benefits after graduation? If so, what specific benefits do you provide?

Graded Hands-On Practice

  1. Does the course offer graded, hands-on practice? And if so, in what format: supervised, unsupervised, at home, or is travel necessary?
  2. Will I learn to groom multiple breed groups and various types of mixed breed pets?
  3. Will I learn to groom cats?
  4. Will I receive instructor feedback on each groom I submit?

Dog Grooming Tools and Equipment 

  1.  Are dog grooming tools included with the course and are they professional quality, name brand tools?
  2. What other tools and equipment will be required to successfully complete all course requirements?

Dog Grooming School Tuitions, Payment Plans and Refunds

  1. Are your school tuitions registered as tax deductible?
  2. If I can't complete on time, do you offer course extensions? If so, at what cost?
  3. Do you offer repayment plans? What are the extra fees associate with your payment plans, i.e. interest rate, carrying charges, missed payment fee, etc.
  4. What is your refund policy, and where can I view it?