7 Great Reasons to Choose a JKL Grooming Grooming Course

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Why JKL Grooming?

7 Great Reasons to Enroll with JKL

  1. Professional Dog Grooming is the ONLY career training course we offer at JKL.
    (We have worked in, and been a part of, the grooming industry throughout our careers, and enjoy sharing with our students the knowledge, experience and expertise we have gained. We are totally focused on YOU and YOUR grooming career goals.)

  2. Our course costs are affordable for all. We continue to hold the line on tuition fees, so that almost anyone can pursue their career dream.
    (And our affordable payment plans offer NO INTEREST, NO CARRYING CHARGES.)

  3. We always provide one-on-one, flexible student care and options.
    (Special needs? Talk to us.)  

  4. Our long term, certified grooming instructors are available to you nearly 24/7
    (a bit of sleep time is in there somewhere)

  5. JKL courses are updated regularly to provide you with the most current professional groomer info.
    (grooming styles, tools, equipment, current business practices, etc. - all covered)

  6. JKL has been IEAA Internationally Accredited since 2008.
    (This means that JKL and its courses are always thoroughly evaluated, and that your JKL professional groomer qualification is recognized worldwide.)

  7. Over 39  years of dog groomer training via distance learning, with thousands of successful JKL graduates internationally
    (We must be doing something right!)

What are you waiting for?
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