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Dog Groomer Certification

Master Groomer Certification

First things First - Here's Where To Begin

It's recommended that an accredited grooming course be successfully completed well before taking on the challenges of groomer certification offered through dog grooming associations.

JKL, an internationally accredited dog grooming school, offers accredited dog grooming courses that will start your career off right! Here's where you'll begin your dream career journey.

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Anyone who grooms professionally is eligible to go through the certification process.


Dog groomer certification is considered a well earned entitlement, and sometimes includes additional rights to display the certifying organization's logo in your business and promotional materials

Dog groomer certification typically involves performance testing focused on the aesthetic value of your finish grooming, based on the pet's breed profile, as set forth by its individual breed standard.

The more revered entitlements typically involve the words "master groomer or master stylist", and that status requires extensive experience well beyond attending a school of pet grooming or a basic apprenticeship period. 


A private dog grooming career training institute provides entry level industry training and should not be confused with the certification process offered by industry trade associations.

A diploma or certificate from a registered dog grooming trade school is an official document acknowledging successful completion of an entry level professional dog grooming career training program.

Once certification from a registered dog grooming trade school is earned, a certificate or diploma is issued, and the first professional grooming title is achieved, i.e. JKL-Certified Groomer.
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It may be desirable to gain some experience and expertise as a professional groomer prior to seeking industry trade certification.

Generally, groomers with at least a couple of years or more of professional experience are prime candidates for certification testing, so this is something you may want to pursue after you have been practicing your trade for a period of time. JKL highly recommends the process to all its members.


Certification is an excellent form of continuing groomer education, and can provide highly esteemed industry recognition. However, it is not a requirement to professionally groom, nor does it guarantee financial success.

There are very successful pet groomers and business owners who are not certified, but you can be sure that they respect the certification process, and they have a similar commitment to uphold pet care skills worthy of certification.


If and when you decide to be certified, where do you go for certification. You should examine all of the programs offered by the following organizations, and measure the appropriateness of their certification to your personal, career and business objectives. All of these are fine and well-known organizations.

It is important to note that becoming certified requires time, money and effort as you will be traveling with your pet(s) to various certification sites throughout North America.

National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA)
International Professional Groomers, Inc (IPG)
International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC)