A leader in pet groomer training for over 40 years!

WOW - over 40 years and still going strong

Trusted for over 40 years

Since 1980, thousands of students from all over the world have successfully completed our internationally accredited dog grooming courses.

Long before videos or the internet came on the scene, we were successfully offering professional dog and cat grooming courses. Student alumni, some still earning their living at their trade for over two decades now, are a testament to the high quality of professional groomer training always offered through JKL.

How do I know our grads are still in the grooming trade? We keep in touch!  For over 40 years now, our students have been encouraged to maintain contact with the academy, and with each other. And some of them tell me that even after taking a break here and there, (new baby, a move to another city, a chance to re-energize), they have been easily able to return to their grooming career.

Our dog grooming courses are updated regularly and offer the highest quality groomer training, graphics, (diagrams, illustrations, photos, videos, cds, dvds), and state-of-the-art student testing.

Check out our history

JKL Dog Grooming Course
The Year of Conception 1975

During the mid 1970's, Joy Waters developed the JKL professional groomer training courses to provide more flexible and affordable groomer education, through distance learning.

JKL Student Groomer
The Year of Beginning 1980

In 1980, JKL Training Academy became a private career training institute of professional dog grooming, and welcomed its first students for practical and distance learning.

JKL goes online!
The Year of Explosion 1995

This was the year the JKL Website went live on the internet. Oh my, what an explosion of students -- from all over the world. Since then, JKL has grown and expanded exponentially. What a fun ride it is!

JKL expands globally
The Year of Global Expansion 2005

Now the JKL courses were online and students began taking our dog grooming courses from all parts of the world: UK, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Israel, Barbados, Fiji, China, Malaysia, Japan, to name a few. Meanwhile, students from every Canadian Province and Territory continued to train as professional pet groomers.

JKL International Partners
The Year of International Partnerships - 2007

Groomer Training Centers from several countries partnered with JKL and began training their students with the JKL dog grooming course and method. We've partnered with schools in the UK, Australia, Malta, USA and China, and we continue to successfully train students worldwide.

JKL becomes mobile friendly
The Year of Working in Today's World - 2023

JKL continues to provide dog groomer training (and cats too) in North America and Offshore. We continue to offer excellent groomer training, have ensured all course aspects are 100% mobile friendly, and have added video tutorials to our courses. Onwards and Upwards!

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