Dog Grooming Tools

the tools of the trade!

 Only Professional Quality Tools

Because we try to keep tuition costs for all our groomer training programs as low as possible, and because not all students require tools and equipment at the very same stage of their program of studies, we offer a professional quality grooming tool kit as a course option for our students. This grooming tool kit will take you well into your grooming career, without a lot of other grooming tool additions.

Tool kits and equipment should consist of name brand PROFESSIONAL QUALITY tools designed to meet the needs of the professional groomer, and should be chosen for their overall performance and durability in the workplace.

Grooming Tool Kits

 (kits should consist of items the
same or similar to those listed)

Beginner Kits Should Include:
  • Straight Shearprofessional dog grooming toolkits
  • Curved Shear
  • Thinning Shear
  • Pin Brush
  • Medium Size Soft Slicker Brush   
  • Rubber Curry
  • Combination Comb
  • Dog Rake
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail Scissors
  • Hemostats - Curved Locking
  • Dematting tool
  • Styptic Powder
  • Shampoo, Cologne
  • 1 Professional Animal Clipper
    (Andis, Oster, Wahl)
  • #3, #4F, #5F, #7F, #10, #15, #30 Blades

Wish Lists should include:
  • professional dog grooming toolsBlunt Tipped Shear
  • Carding Tool
  • Small Size Soft Slicker Brush
  • Flea Comb - extra fine
  • Nail Clippers - Large
  • Nail Clippers - Cat
  • Shedding Blade
  • #8.5 Blade
  • Comb Attachment Set + #40 Blade
  • HV Dryer
  • Stand Dryer
  • Table, Arm, Loop
The JKL grooming courses provide detailed information
on each grooming tool, including:
  • how to use

  • when to use

  • best care for longevity and performance

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