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Dog Grooming Certificate

Dog Grooming Certificate Certification
Our Certificate Dog Grooming Course is a short, three month course for those groomers who have never officially certified.

Our Certificate Course Is Academic Only
As this dog grooming course requires no practicum work, it contains less detailed information than our diploma dog grooming course. The ideal applicant should have at least a year's industry experience as a dog groomer.

This course is also adequate for first time career seekers who have secured an apprenticeship or mentorship with a professional groomer or salon. Without mentorship this course may not provide enough of the practice required to feel at ease when beginning a first time career.

Your studies can begin just as soon as registration is complete, generally the same day. You'll be able to access your course online at any time of the day or night, from home or work.

It also offers the opportunity to download to your desktop for offline studies.

. JKL Groomer Training Course Online (Nearly 500 pages of grooming instruction including many color diagrams, illustrations and photographs!) View Certificate Course Outline
. fully customizable promotional and business templates - given an overall "EXCELLENT" rating by JKL Members!
. 15 Glance & Groom© breed trim charts online
. 24/7 online test access, course access and tutor support for duration of studies
. All Lifetime JKL Member Benefits

Maximum Completion Time: 3 months

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$900 CAD / $725 USD
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. Certificate Course


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